December 11, 2013

Patagonia | Meatpacking District

patagonia-ny-historic-photoBehind a historic façade in The Meatpacking District, Patagonia was faced with a situation they were not accustomed in their retail history.   The iconic American brand which avoids typical modern retail found itself in an atypical situation.  A 2009 renovation of the entire property left the space, the former home to the 19th century’s Hoffman & Mayer meat purveyors, a plain white box.  Paying homage to the neighborhood’s rich history the design called for merchandise to be displayed from a suspended rail conveying system, the use of locally sourced reclaimed bricks and lumber along with an array of custom welded elements.  Bryan Thorne, Ross McMilin, Mike Iovino and the skilled artistry of Ty Free help bring to reality a retail space that captures the essence of this venerable New York City neighborhood.

Architect | Michael Neumann Architecture

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