August Construction Solutions has been the general contractor on thousands of square feet on North West Street in Raleigh, NC to help revitalize a part of town that for years was known merely as an industrial zone. From our office building at 707 North West, to the extensive restoration of the storied 1940’s warehouse known as the Rainbow Building. From the local bar The Cardinal, to the updated building at 500 West Peace Street on the corner of Peace and West Streets. These projects have lifted an otherwise overlooked strip along the railroad tracks, into a destination for eating, socializing, working out, and working—leading to a 2017 Imprint Award from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance. With these projects under our belt, it is no surprise it’s a neighborhood we are rooting for.

Now it looks like the area is on tap for another stage in its development as ideas for a proposed new park, Devereaux Meadow Park are being circulated. As the idea of this new park gains momentum, Michael Iovino, ACS President, talked about about the future of this 14-acre area of town with Raleigh’s ABC11.