• Hattie B's | Nashville, TN
    ACS helped Hattie B's open its doors at 5th & Broadway, one of the largest development projects in downtown Nashville.
  • Warby Parker | Philadelphia, PA
    ACS collaborated with Warby Parker to construct this stunning site to be consistent with their existing corporate visual identity.
  • Design Within Reach | Charlotte, NC
    ACS helped bring DWR to the South End of Charlotte, which proved to be the perfect location for this global retailer and its iconic, modern furnishings.
  • Patagonia | Alexandria, VA
    To transform and safely reuse the building, ACS carefully salvaged original building features and architectural details throughout the space.
  • Urban Outfitters | Athens, GA
    We were able to partner with Urban Outfitters and NewStudio to breathe new life into this old S.H. Kress five-and-dime store.
  • Patagonia | Reno, NV
    When Patagonia wanted to expand their square footage in Reno, they sought a space that had architectural value, a prime location and a space with design promise.
  • West Street Redevelopment | Raleigh, NC
    This project was honored with an Imprint Award from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, deeming it as a project that has an exceptional impact on the development of our city.
  • Spectraforce | Raleigh, NC
    When building a business based on project and staffing solutions, it is important to create a workspace that encourages collaboration and information sharing but also allows for privacy and quiet planning.