• Warby Parker | Philadelphia, PA
    ACS collaborated with Warby Parker to construct this stunning site to be consistent with their existing corporate visual identity.
  • Hattie B's | Memphis, TN
    Originally home to a burger joint in the 1950’s, we addressed issues in the aging building to support a modern, high-volume restaurant.
  • Atlas Stark | Rainbow Building | Raleigh, NC
    Though the mission inside the building was one of hope, the building itself was an anchor in a forgotten area of Raleigh that over the years was lined with neglected buildings bordering the train tracks.
  • Asana Partners | Old Town Theatre | Alexandria, VA
    ACS was involved in the entire process of bringing this beauty to market--from the first steps of working with the developer, Asana Partners, to lead the exploratory demolition; to tending to the finishing touches just before the grand opening.
  • Patagonia | Nashville, TN
    ACS found the beauty in a neglected, worn factory warehouse from 1950 and turned it into a vibrant, award-winning retail spot.
  • Atlas Stark | 707 North West Street | Raleigh, NC
    Modernized with updated structural details the building now bridges the history and warehouse-vibe of area, to the neighboring new development including modern office buildings and apartments.
  • Patagonia | Pittsburgh, PA
    True to brand, ACS and Patagonia restored this Pittsburgh building to its original glory in the city’s Shadyside neighborhood.
  • Atlas Stark | 500 West Peace Street | Raleigh, NC
    Adjacent to the elevated tracks, on the corner of Peace and West streets, this building was home to Lighting Inc. for over 65 years.
  • The Cardinal | Raleigh, NC
    ACS transformed this forgotten structure on Raleigh’s North West Street into the neighborhood bar The Cardinal.
  • Warby Parker | Brooklyn, NY
    We partnered with Warby Parker to open a retail location on Bergen Street in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill alcove.
  • Asana Partners | 1517 Camden Road | Charlotte, NC
    A project trifecta, ACS worked with the site developer, Asana Partners, to prepare the former warehouse for use, we then transformed the building for its new purpose, and then we finally built out the interior retail space for the retailer, DWR.
  • Urban Outfitters | Athens, GA
    We were able to partner with Urban Outfitters and NewStudio to breathe new life into this old S.H. Kress five-and-dime store.
  • Patagonia | Reno, NV
    When Patagonia wanted to expand their square footage in Reno, they sought a space that had architectural value, a prime location and a space with design promise.
  • Patagonia | Vancouver, BC
    True to form, Patagonia wanted to take the time to bring its first space in Vancouver back to its roots, to reveal the space’s original life as a timber warehouse.
  • Atlas Stark | Tops Building | Raleigh, NC
    ACS undertook a massive restoration to this warehouse space, which served as an auto upholster for decades.
  • Anthropologie | Savannah, GA
    Just a few blocks off the Savannah River in the City Market area of Franklin Square stands 38 Montgomery Street in Savannah, GA. 
  • Anthropologie | Hoboken, NJ
    ACS took the site of an old video store and modernized and repurposed it for this Anthropologie in Hoboken, NJ.