In the center of the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, ACS constructed the Hattie B’s that sits at the corner of Main and Walton Streets. We transformed the 1950s brick building into a suitable home for this modern, high-traffic restaurant.

From the onset, it became apparent that the age of the building was going to pose some challenges that needed to be quickly addressed. The first and foremost was the removal of the entire roof. As tends to be the case with many older buildings, there were non-right angles and unlevel walls to contend with, so our team also needed to adapt the space so to the eye it was completely level. As the superintendent for the project noted, “Sometimes its hard to make an old building look new.”, but with patience and attention to fine details, we were able to do just that.

ACS managed every aspect of what was essentially a ground-up construction project. The concrete slab and the walls were retained but basically, we had a blank slate with which to create. A whole new roof was built and the entire inner workings of the building, including all plumbing and electrical systems were also completely new. We saw to it that every system and fixture in the building was suited for the needs and demands of a busy restaurant.

The dramatic black painted exterior, red accents, and well-placed lighting, are true to the established Hattie B’s brand designed by the creative team at Loaded for Bear. The casual indoor seating has the familiar look and feel Hattie B diners have grown accustom and the generous covered outdoor patio allows diners to enjoy the extension of the dining room at any time. The building makes quite the statement at its prime location.

ACS is proud to have helped to open Hattie B’s newest set of doors.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
5,900 Square Feet
2023 VMSD Retail Renovation Awards, Honorable Mention in Restaurant/Specialty Food Shop Category
Photo Credit
Audrey Leonard