This modernist gem is currently under construction in Raleigh’s historic Village District. An ambitious undertaking in its scale and scope, the residence has proved to be one of our most rewarding projects as we adapt our commercial work experience to manage the specific details a build of this type can present. The construction of this home has been a natural progression for ACS as the methods for commercial building and modernist home building are quite connected to one another. The primary materials include reinforced concrete, huge plated glass panels and steel framing—and are mediums in which we work extensively.

Steel columns were anchored into the ground providing a sturdy framework and expansive glass plates were reinforced and installed just as they would be in a commercial build, adding to the durability of the home. As the interior fixtures and materials come together, it is evident this is a special residence, one that will seamlessly combine the industrial nature of the base materials with thoughtful finishes that will create a welcoming, inviting home. As the project progresses and the designed vision takes shape, there is no doubt The August House will be an architectural landmark in Raleigh’s thriving modernist scene for years to come.

The August House is featured in the Triangle’s 2021 Parade of Homes.


The Raleigh Architecture Company
5,200 Square Feet
Photo Credits
Brian Mullins Photography