ACS collaborated with celebrated restauranteur Giorgios Bakatias to bring his vibrant French restaurant concept to life. Giorgios’ vision for the design and client experience was clear and daring from the project’s conception and has resulted in a bold visual experience that truly transports patrons away from the City of Oaks.

The restaurant is the latest entry into Raleigh’s East End Market development, a rehabilitated old warehouse found on an active railroad in the city’s emerging East End neighborhood. The uniqueness of the locale perfectly aligns with this equally distinctive French restaurant. Nothing is expected in this build–custom stonework and tilework, statement lighting and fixtures, bold color combinations and original painted murals all blend seamlessly to create an energetic and engaging visual experience. In addition to the intimate indoor dining room, the seating capacity is doubled with a generous, green-leafed patio that no doubt will be filled with the energy one expects from a high-end café found in France.

The piece de resistance, the hidden gem of the project, is the exclusive speakeasy in the rear of the space that was built and designed to create a special room that is both nostalgic and modern in tone, while taking advantage of working garage doors in the rear of the building.

ACS is proud to be a part of creating the East End Bistrot – an experience that will be one of a kind, filled with joie de vivre!

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Olive Architecture
5,200 Square Feet
Photo Credit
Forrest Mason