ACS and Giorgios Bakatsias have teamed up once again, this time to open the doors of Nikos, a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, in Durham, NC’s Brightleaf Square development.

Widely anticipated, Nikos continues the approach that Bakatsias has successfully brought to each of his restaurant concepts. Dining at Nikos is an immersive experience—every detail has been tended to—from the daring menu chock full of fresh, seasonal ingredients and robust flavors, to the dining room and patio atmosphere that transports to the relaxed old world dining style of the Mediterranean.

The Nikos space boasts custom tile and stonework that nods to the look and feel of traditional artisans from that region, as well as carefully chosen colors, fixtures and finishes that complete the look and warm the space. The brick masonry, exposed ceiling and timber columns are reminders of the distinguished history of the two warehouses comprising Brightleaf Square. Built in 1904 and registered as a national historic landmark in the 1980s, the building is the perfect complement to Nikos.

Every design decision has been made to build a space that effortlessly balances an aesthetic of equal parts modern, rustic, relaxing and bespoke.

Through each stage of construction–demolition of the existing space, to the attention of the smallest installation of finishes, ACS is proud to have been on the team to bring Giorgios’  vision to fruition.

Explore our first collaboration with Giorgios Bakatsias, East End Bistrot.

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