Manhattan’s Bowery has always been known for being rough and rumble–the blocks covered with drinking, gambling, tenements, and the like for decades.  But after a storied musical era credited to the rise of CBGBs, the neighborhood has ushered in a list of luxury brands to its now trendy blocks and with it, a revived interest in its architecture and history. Patagonia Bowery is in a building that at various times housed a coal merchant, part of the infamous flophouse the Palace Hotel and perhaps most notably as the legendary ‘CBs 313 Gallery’. ACS and Patagonia worked closely together to respect the space’s history and protect sections of the hallowed punk venue. Artwork and artifacts dating back to the birth of punk were preserved (yes, the famous bathroom stayed too) while work to the retail façade and interior construction was completed, which included rebuilding huge portions of the floor. The definition of a nimble worksite, tactics evolved as the state of the aging building became apparent during demolition and construction. The result is a consumer wonder—an urban surf destination found in the most unlikely of backdrops—an iconic punk landmark.

Michael Neumann Architects (now: Neumann Rudy)
7,000 Square Feet
RDI International Store Design Competition, Innovation Award, Sustainability, 2013
Photo Credit
Michael Neumann