When building a business based on project and staffing solutions, it is important to create a workspace that encourages collaboration and information sharing but also allows for privacy and quiet planning. ACS collaborated with Spectraforce to build an environment that reflects and supports those needs. Housed in a building once home to a lighting store and repair store, Spectraforce is now found at a prominent corner of Raleigh experiencing profound change. The exterior has been modernized just enough to help the building seamlessly fit with the new construction around it, but also still fit in nicely with the warehouses still found just steps away. The interior has been transformed from a well-worn series of smaller rooms, into one using high-gloss orange steel staircase and beams, large window panels allowing for billowing natural light and bright pristine wood floors. The result is an open, inviting, and modern environment—a perfect fit for this growing business.

Maurer Architecture
22,000 Square Feet
2017 Downtown Raleigh Alliance Imprint Award
Photo Credit
Mauer Architecture