Over the years, ACS has been involved with large-scale projects in our hometown that have had notable impacts on the community. The West Street redevelopment in Raleigh is as broad sweeping an undertaking as any other that we have been a part. With a healthy dose of imagination and a knowledgeable team, we converted over 44,000 square feet of long-neglected warehouse and building structures along the railroad tracks in Raleigh, into modern, award-winning office spaces, restaurant/bar spaces and service businesses. Working with frequent collaborators developer Atlas Stark and Maurer Architecture, we transformed these overlooked buildings into a thriving neighborhood, now employing over 150 people in a part of town that historically was overlooked as a place to support a business. From structural damage to outdated floorplans, we modernized and adapted these structures to meet current codes and address the needs of offices and service industries. This project was honored with an Imprint Award from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, deeming it as a project that has an exceptional impact on the development of our city.

Maurer Architecture
44,620 Square Feet
2017 Downtown Raleigh Alliance Imprint Award
Photo Credit
Katie Bailey